Configuration details

This page will help you to configure the service.

Interface configuration

You should configuration the interface connected to Internet Exchange as follow:
- interface must be explicitly configured with speed, duplex other configuration settings and autonegociation disabled
- configure IPv4 and IPv6 address provided by Equinix
- disable all discovery protocol (CDP,LLDP,...), MOP, spanning-tree, IPv6 Router-Advertissement,...

You can find complete list of forbiden protocol on allow traffic page.

BGP session with route-collector

You should configure a BGP session with Equinix Internet Exchange Paris route-collector.
This route-collector allow to Equinix to monitor your BGP reachability
The route-collector will neither announce any prefixes to you nor redistribute the prefixes you add to it.
Equinix collect this information for internal use only.

ASN: AS65517
 IPv4 address:
 IPv6 address: 2001:7F8:43::6:5517:1

Configuration wizard

You may use the Configuration wizard for generate a sample configuration for your router.