Ports available

 1GE - 1Gbps  1000BASE-LX interface on single-mode Fiber
 10GE - 10Gbps  10GBASE-LR interface on single-mode Fiber
 100GE - 100Gbps  100GBASE-LR interface on single-mode Fiber


  • Trunk (LACP) of multiple 1GE or 10GE or 100GE port (on the same site)
  • Public peering (unicast) VLAN with IPv4 and IPv6 in same VLAN
  • Private VLANs
     The VLAN ID is always allocated by Equinix.
     Equinix does not assign IP addresses inside a private VLAN, this should be done by the participants.
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support and Help Desk (English & French)
  • Access to the Equinix Internet Exchange Portal:
  • Aggregate traffic reporting by peer with sFlow Statistics
  • Metro Performance information including uptime statistics with jitter and latency information
  • Innovative 'find a peer' functionality that helps you identify peering opportunities in Paris
  • Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange (MLPE) services / route-server
  • Route-collector to monitor BGP reachability of each participant
  • All members will receive an invitation to the annual Global Peering Forum


Service Installation Monthly recurring Installation delay
Port 1GE - 1Gbps 500 EUR 0 EUR 5 working days
Port 1GE - 1Gbps additional port 500 EUR 250 EUR 5 working days
Port 10GE - 10Gbps 1500 EUR 750 EUR 5 working days
Port 100GE - 100Gbps 13000 EUR 3500 EUR 5 working days
VLAN 0 EUR 0 EUR 1 working day