About MLPE

The MLPE (Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange) service automates peering for open networks by providing route servers for participants to exchange routing information with multiple peers using only one BGP session. This allows for the establishment of sessions without a bilateral peering agreement in place with the participating networks.

MLPE service is based on a two route-server, one on each core node of Equinix Internet Exchange Paris.

Why use a route-server ?

  • Managing peering relationship can be a full-time job: the route-server simplifies these relationships by eliminating the need to setup and maintain separate one-to-one BGP sessions with many peers.
  • It allows you to quickly start exchanging traffic with multiple members.
  • Once you have joined the route-server you can exchange traffic with all participants using the service. All new members will be announced to existing members, allowing you to initiate traffic exchange immediately. While the route-server takes care of your smaller traffic exchange requirements you can spend your time managing your most important peering relationships.

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