IX interconnection

Equinix Internet Exchange Paris is connected through partner to other Internet Exchange.


Internet Exchange Name: Lyonix
Location: Lyon, FR
Type of interconnection: Layer 3 interconnection with route-server

Presentation of LyonIX
Lyonix is a the Internet Exchange of Lyon city, the 2nd french largest city. This Internet Exchange is managed by Rezopole (a non-profit association). LyonIX is also a NAP (Network Access Point), a market place for buy and sell IP transit and/or any service deliverable in IP or layer2. LyonIX is open to all actors that would like connect to (carrier, ISP, services companies, local authorities).
Few numbers:
- 81 members
- 2 point of presence (LyonIX 1, LyonIX 2)
- 9 access rack (LyonIX 1ABC, LyonIX 2ABCDEF)

Every Equinix Internet Exchange Paris members using MLPE will peer automatically with Lyonix members using Lyonix's route-servers and vice-versa. You can browse the member list of this Lyonix's members.