How connect

- Autonomous System Number (AS number or ASN)
- IP address space (at least one IPv4 /24 or one IPv6 /48

Please send an email to with the following information:
- Company name
- Contact name
- Contact email-address
- Contact phone
- AS number
- Where did you want connect from ? See PoP list.

A sales representative will contact you back send you the following documents:
- Service Order
- Master Service Agreement
- Equinix Internet Exchange policies & CRD form

You should send back to the sales representive the documents completed and signed.

After reception of this documents, Equinix will:
- Install the cross-connect up to customer rack if the service is ordered on an Equinix site.
- Plug the cross-connect on Equinix Internet Exchange Paris device.
- Install & configure the port.
- Send configuration details to the members.

Member should:
- Install the cabling up to Equinix rack if the service is ordered on a non-Equinix site.
- Configure its device.
- Notify Equinix its device is configured and the cross-connect plugged.

Equinix will do the turn-up call with customer for check customer configuration. If everything is correct the port will be moved from quarantine VLAN to production VLAN.

Equinix recommend to member to subscribe to MLPE service for get routes of most members on a single BGP session.

If member have a peeringDB record, it should be updated.

Happy peering and enjoy Equinix Internet Exchange Paris!